Brendan Reilly

Columbia University LDEO

Science Team

Brendan Reilly is an Assistant Research Professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) of Columbia University and Director of the LDEO Sediment Core Repository. He is a marine geologist who has participated in or led ten oceanographic expeditions to the North Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic. Brendan's research often focuses on how ice sheets, like those in Greenland and Antarctica, have changed in the past using marine sediment cores. For the SWAIS2C project, Brendan will use a suite of non-destructive geophysical methods to learn about the drill cores before they are even sampled, including their physical structures (computed tomography), bulk geochemistry (X-ray fluorescence), density (gamma ray attenuation), magnetic properties (magnetic susceptibility), and color (hyperspectral imaging). In turn, these data will provide insight to the types of sediment recovered, the time evolution of Antarctica's past glacial environments, and how best to approach sampling to achieve the science team's research objectives.

More about Brendan is here.