Hedley Berge

Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington

HWD Head Driller and Electrician

Hedley Berge first came to Antarctica with the New Zealand Defence Force during the summer season of 2003/04 and returned the following year as an electrician for Scott Base.

He has wintered over at Scott Base twice, including during 2008/09 when three 330kW wind turbines were installed to supply renewable energy to power Scott Base and the neighbouring American base at McMurdo Station.

When he’s back in New Zealand, he works for the Hamilton-based metering company AccuCal, but has an agreement with his employer that allows him to work in Antarctica during the summer. This meant he could work as an electrician for the ANDRILL and RICE projects as well as for all hot-water drilling projects.

This SWAIS2C season marks his 20th anniversary on ice. Of the two decades, Hedley spent 18 summers and Christmases in Antarctica.