Jae Il Lee

Korea Polar Research Institute

Science Team

Dr. Jae Il Lee is a research scientist at Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI), where he investigates past Antarctic glacial and marine environmental changes using marine sedimentary records. Jae has been to Antarctica twelve times since 2002, mostly on research vessels taking marine sediment samples. In 2016-17, Jae stayed at King Sejong Station in the Antarctic Peninsula region for thirteen months as one of the overwintering team. 

Jae is most interested in how the glacial advance and retreat across the continental margin of Antarctica is controlled and hopes this will bring about a better understanding of the impact of the changing climate on the ice around Antarctica. 

Outside of work, Jae enjoys reading, painting watercolor, swimming, and playing puzzle games.

Photo: Jae and a team-mate maintaining the surveillance camera monitoring a tidewater glacier in King George Island during overwintering at King Sejong Station in 2017.

More information on Jae is here.