Jim Marschalek

Imperial College London

Science Team

Jim is a postdoctoral Research Associate based at Imperial College London. Having grown up on a small farm, he has always had an interest in the natural world. Jim studied for his BSc in Environmental Geoscience at Durham University, before moving to the University of Cambridge for an MPhil in Polar Studies. He undertook his PhD, which focussed on reconstructing West Antarctica’s glacial history, at Imperial College London supervised by Prof. Tina van de Flierdt.

His research uses a variety of geochemical methods to trace the provenance of glacigenic sediments back to their source rocks on the continent. This helps reconstruct the response of the Antarctic ice sheets to warmer conditions in the past. He works on marine sediment cores around West Antarctica and is interested in closely integrating his results with those of ice sheet and ocean modelling studies. Jim’s research also explores the geology hidden beneath Antarctica’s ice. 

Beyond academia, Jim enjoys hill walking, running and gardening

More about Jim is here.