Linda Armbrecht

Univeristy of Tasmania

Science Team

Dr Linda Armbrecht is an ARC DECRA Fellow (DE210100929) at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), University of Tasmania. Her research focuses on the reconstruction of marine ecosystems with an emphasis on the Antarctic environment, where research into resilience and sustainability is critical due to climate change. Linda specialises in paleo-genomics techniques, in particular, the analysis of ancient DNA from the seafloor (sedaDNA). These novel approaches allow her to track complex species-level and ecosystem-wide changes over thousands of years, knowledge that can be directly applied to predicting future changes and management of marine ecosystems, fisheries, and keystone species. In the SWAIS-2C project, Linda is particularly interested to study the dynamics between auto- and heterotrophic organisms the have inhabited the region through time.

More about Linda is here.