Marlo Garnsworthy

University of Nebraska, Lincoln & Icebird Studio

Education & Outreach Coordinator/US Media Contact

Marlo Garnsworthy is passionate about sharing polar and ocean science (and other science topics) with a broad audience and helping scientists develop their science communication skills. She is a USAP Grantee and first traveled to Antarctica as the Education & Outreach Officer on SNOWBIRDS Transect. One of the most rewarding things she's done is ship-to-shore school/group visits as Onboard Outreach Officer aboard from the JOIDES Resolution IODP Expeditions 382 and 390, as well as in-person or virtual presentations to schools and the public.

As well as her work in publishing as an editor and art director, she is an award-winning author and illustrator of over ten books for young people, creates science graphics, makes fine art, and continues her polar and other science outreach work. She made animations for The Lake at the Bottom of the World, a full-length feature documentary about Antarctic sub-glacial lakes and the SALSA Antarctica expedition, with her Pixel Movers & Makers collaborator Kevin Pluck. Marlo has also created video series for oceanographic expeditions and provided photography. She is always ready to return to the most extraordinary place on Earth, and considers her work regarding Antarctic, WAIS, and polar awareness the most important she will ever do.