Ollie Twigge


Science Team

Ollie is a seagoing Instrument and Moorings Technician who has worked in ocean and coastal deployment systems. His work at NIWA encompasses operation, calibration, and maintenance of a multitude of sensors and instruments. He has experience in designing, coordinating, and deploying mooring arrays around the world, including the Pacific and Southern Oceans and through sea ice in Antarctica. Ollie supports various science objectives whilst on multidisciplinary voyages. Prior to working at NIWA he was a Moorings and CTD operative at the National Oceanographic Centre.

He has spent countless extended periods in various challenging environments, including 8 weeks crossing the Atlantic Ocean turning around deep oceanographic physical moorings, 3 weeks at a sea ice camp in the McMurdo Sound researching the lesser studied platelet habitat, and endless weeks on various research vessels in high seas with 10m swell.

Sometimes it’s not all go-go-go, and it certainly helps to have a few creature comforts and smaller projects for the downtime. Ollie has hard drives full of music, TV and films to share with his team; an e-reader stacked full of all types of genres; and depending on the cargo availability he also squeezes in his ukelele. No matter the duration of the fieldwork he packs no fewer than three bars of chocolate, again to share… mostly.

More about Ollie is here.