Simona Pierdominici


Science Team

Simona Pierdominici is a research scientist at the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP)/GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) in Germany and specialises in downhole logging analysis, evaluation and interpretation. Her research focuses on petrophysical properties of sediments/rocks; determination of the current stress field; structural analysis (including correlation of identified core features to log-derived images); cyclostratigraphy; sedimentation rates; and age-depth model. She has also successfully applied the core-log seismic integration method (CLSI) using both core data from the multi-sensor core logger (MSCL) and seismic data.

Her academic background includes a diploma in geology from the University of Rome (Italy) and a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Bologna (Italy). She has also participated in numerous scientific drilling campaigns in different parts of the World, such as Peru, Kenya, USA, Italy, Sweden, and Finland, including 3 months in Antarctica for the AnDrill-Southern McMurdo Sound drilling project in 2007.

Outside of work, Simona enjoys reading, watercolor painting, kayaking and gardening.

More about Simona is here.