Agathe Lise-Pronovost

University of Melbourne

Science Team

What is your role on the SWAIS2C project?

I am a paleomagnetist based in Australia and my role on the SWAI2C, is as part of the paleomagnetism and chronostratigraphy team. This is supported by ANZIC-ICDP-Auscope.

In your own words, what is the SWAIS2C project about?

International multi-disciplinary exploration of the sediment archive under the South West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

What are you most excited about learning (or possibly learning) as a result of the SWAIS2C project?

I am excited to see if we can learn new things about Earth's magnetic field behavior in the Western Antarctic region. I will be looking for periods when marine sediments accumulated rapidly to recover high resolution sub-millennial timescale records of the Earth's magnetic field at this high latitude location. I’m most excited about things like, how fast can the Earth magnetic field change? and what does a geomagnetic excursion or reversal looks like in Antarctica?

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